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Teleseeq Interactive Dataroom The core t-systems multimedia solutions gmbh impressum of the Teleseeq Platform: an interactive dataroom on the telecom service industry providing up-to-date data on markets and players worldwide. Figures are broken down by player, country and technology for 85 countries worldwide.

Indicators – ARPU, subscribers, minutes, calls, penetration, SAC, churn rate, etc. Forecasts, Strategic Papers, Insights and Reports allowing you to stay abreast with the changing industry environment. Consumer World The entire world of consumer services, from fixed and mobile voice to data and content services. Constant updates of the figures and of the topics ensure you find the latest information available. Country dashboards for markets like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Syria, UAE, Vietnam are inside.

Business Communications A wide range of topics spanning from channel distribution strategy, contact centres, global PBX price bench-marking, PBX lines and deliveries, IP-PBX, IP-Centrex, Hosted PBX, Managed PBX, Unified Communications, VoIP, Web-Conferencing, FMC for business customers, data communications. IT A complete range of reports covering devices, network infrastructure, interconnection services, wholesale capacity, configuration issues. Studies available cover issues like pricing, business models, international benchmarking, security, IP-VPN, FTTx deployments, digital storage, MPLS-VPN, IP Transit, IMS, Giga Ethernet, Open Source. Companies A huge number of company reports, Top-10 ranking by service, by telecom group, by country.

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Strategic insights about relevant players, disruptive business models, key peer benchmarking indicators, SWOT analyses and historical strategy overview. UMTS, user reachability, mobile data offers, licensing up to frequency usage. Telecom Innovations Monitor the latest innovative products and services developed by major market players in the telecommunications, IT and multimedia industries. Enabling you to identify new revenue opportunities, build effective strategies, create successful products and services to grow your business.

Innovations Database A global monitoring and database tool on innovative services and technologies, tracking developments from the concept phase, to pilot testings and service launches. Results can be extracted in Excel-format. Innovations Spotlights Quarterly focus reports delving on a hot product or service innovation and exploring service features, business models, deployment strategies and disruptive effects on the ICT market. Innovations Techno Feed A monthly observatory of innovative enterprise products and services by ICT players worldwide.

This newsletter can be customised per market of interest, region, sector or themes. Monitoring Services Competitive pressures, market consolidation, new business models, market volatility, shifting customer demand. All these issues make the tracking of traditional as well as new markets more difficult than ever. This suite of services is created to ensure effective market knowledge. Reliable, accurate information, that can be enquired about is crucial to achieve full market understanding.

Our comprehensive service does not end with the delivery. We provide superior support to all products and services, free of charge. Quarterly Monitoring Services Extensive datasheets organised by country and zones, updated quarterly. Customisation of geographical coverage as well as parameters is any time possible. Company Profiles Every profile is an effective, concise but still comprehensive tool.