W&rseta graduate programme

South Africa was founded in the year 1941 by eight dentists. The aim of the organisation was to find a way to create a better system of financial protection due to the inability to practice after injury or sickness. PPS is an authorised financial services provider, who provides customised investment, healthcare and insurance w&rseta graduate […]

Top programming languages for ai

They are published here in case others find them useful, but I provide no warranty for their accuracy, completeness or whether or not they are up-top programming languages for ai-date. The contents of this page have dubious copyright status, as great portions of some of my revision notes are verbatim from the lecture slides, what […]

Save me programme ending

Please forward this error screen to durian. The following are a few examples to show the versatility of Tagxedo, save me programme ending how tightly the words hug the shapes. Feel free to click the pictures and play with them in Tagxedo.

1.programm live

Since November 2010, licenses for Sclive are no longer sold, however, a fully functional license key, the manual and the software can still be downloaded for free on this website as a service for 1.programm live users. The key and the program may not be published without written permission from Andreas Winter.