How to make a ecommerce software

Add Items, Sell Everywhere Add your items to Sellr, then decide where you will sell them. Everything You Need With Sellr, you manage your sales on your website, marketplaces, pos, social media, everywhere all from one easy to how to make a ecommerce software control panel.

Software testing during planning stage

Software Testing – Overview What is Testing? In simple words, testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. In the IT industry, large companies have a team with responsibilities to evaluate software testing during planning stage developed software in context of the […]

For mobile software download

Order a CDDownload Regardless of whether you choose to download or order a CD, you will obtain for mobile software download correct software for the service for which you are currently subscribed. Your CD will be shipped free of charge. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for delivery.