Top 10 sport utility vehicles

In markets such as India, They were originally a sub-segment of Utility Vehicles, but the smaller size versions have grown to become a dominant segment. Jeep Cherokee two- top 10 sport utility vehicles four-door models.

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The modern compact SUV models were introduced in 1983. General Motors released the two-door Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, a four-wheel drive wagon with a four-cylinder engine as standard. Mid-year, Ford brought out the Ford Bronco II. The compact XJ Cherokee shared its name from the full-size SJ model, it had no true pickup truck heritage, but came in both four and two-door versions that were extremely capable off-road. The compact Cherokee’s design, appearance, and sales popularity spawned imitators as other automakers noticed that the Jeep XJ models began replacing regular cars. Compact SUVs have become an alternative to the minivans for families who need cargo space. Most compact SUVs since the mid-2000s are crossover SUVs with monocoque construction and limited off-road capabilities.

There are many different brands and models available in this market segment across numerous national markets. Size matters: Compact SUVs emerge the new force disruptor”. Guts: 8 laws of business from one of the most innovative Business Leaders of Our Time. Ford’s new off-road compact Bronco II”.