Top rated compact utility vehicles

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, top rated compact utility vehicles just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Jump to navigation Jump to search “SUV” redirects here. Many SUVs have an upright built body and tall interior packaging, a high seating position and center of gravity, and available all-wheel drive for off-road capability.

SUVs overtook lower medium segment cars to become the world’s largest automotive segment in 2015, accounting for 22. There is no universally accepted definition of the sport utility vehicle. Dictionaries, automotive experts, and journalists use varying wordings and defining characteristics, in addition to which there are regional variations of the use by both the media and the general public. The auto industry has not settled on one definition of the SUV either. In recent years, the term SUV has come in the US to replace the use of “jeep” as a generic trademark and description of these type of vehicles, a name that originated during World War II as slang for the light general purpose military truck.

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Most government regulations simply have categories for “off-highway vehicles,” which in turn are lumped in with pickup trucks and minivans as “light trucks. Many people question “how can an SUV be called a truck? Jeep” or “Land Rover” are more common. In Europe, the term SUV has a similar meaning, but being newer than in the U.

Jeep”, “Land Rover” or 4×4 are used for the off-roader oriented ones. Not all SUVs have four-wheel drive capabilities, and not all four-wheel-drive passenger vehicles are SUVs. The actual term “Sport Utility Vehicle” did not come into wide popular usage until the late 1980s — prior to then, such vehicles were marketed during their era as 4-wheel drives, station wagons, or other monikers. But perhaps one of the closest of the early SUV-like examples was the 1940 Humber Heavy Utility.