Turn wifi on programmatically android

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As you move into the physical world, things get marginally trickier because you now need a physical mobile device, and a cable. Now, what happens when you want to go off-script and do something crazy, like debug your mobile app WITHOUT a physical cable? This is the vanilla way that every ol’ developer sets up their development environment. First, turn on developer mode, then plug into your computer. Android Studio or over ADB directly.

Wireless Debugging If you’re like me, regular wired debugging can’t be used all the time. Wondering what makes me so special? If you’re lucky, you’ll have a 2 USB port device, but don’t count on it. This means that if you want to have any chance of debugging, you’ll need to use one of the following three methods to debug your device without using a cable. In those cases, I can just check out the console log and don’t need to interact with the screen. The most normal method of wireless debugging happens when your computer and Android device are on your home network, both with internet access, and connected to each other over your local router.