Utility function for inferior good

This article needs additional citations for verification. In microeconomics, a consumer’s Hicksian demand correspondence is the demand of a utility function for inferior good over a bundle of goods that minimizes their expenditure while delivering a fixed level of utility. Here p is a vector of prices, and x is a vector of quantities demanded so that the sum of all pixi, is the total expense on goods x.

Hicksian demand functions are often convenient for mathematical manipulation because they do not require income or wealth to be represented. Their derivatives are more fundamentally related by the Slutsky equation. Whereas Marshallian demand comes from the Utility Maximization Problem, Hicksian Demand comes from the Expenditure Minimization Problem. The two problems are mathematical duals, and hence the Duality Theorem provides a method of proving the relationships described above. The Hicksian demand function is intimately related to the expenditure function.

Downward sloping Marshallian demand curves show the effect of price changes on quantity demanded. As the price of a good rises, presumably the quantity of that good demanded will fall, holding wealth and other prices constant. However, this price changes due to both the income effect and the substitution effect. The Hicksian demand function is also downward sloping, but isolates the substitution effect by supposing the consumer is compensated exactly enough to purchase some bundle on the same indifference curve. This follows from continuity of the utility function. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Belief in the utility of higher education is shared by students nationwide.

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