V basic programming

Please forward this error v basic programming to sv5. Microsoft BASIC is the foundation product of the Microsoft company.

During the home computer craze during the late-1970s and early-1980s, Microsoft BASIC was ported to and supplied with practically every computer design. Slight variations to add support for machine-specific functions led to a profusion of related designs like Commodore BASIC and Atari Microsoft BASIC. As the early home computers gave way to newer designs like the IBM PC and Apple Macintosh, BASIC was no longer as widely used, although it retained a strong following. Altair BASIC was delivered on paper tape and in its original version took 4 KB of memory.

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The following functions and statements were available: LIST, NEW, PRINT, INPUT, IFTHEN, FORNEXT, SQR, RND, SIN, LET, USR, DATA, READ, REM, CLEAR, STOP, TAB, RESTORE, ABS, END, INT, RETURN, STEP, GOTO, and GOSUB. There were no string variables in 4k BASIC and single precision was the only type supported. For machines with more memory, the 8 KB version added 31 additional statements and string variable support. Later on, Microsoft released the 12k Extended BASIC which included double precision variables, IFTHENELSE structures, user defined functions, more advanced program editing commands, and descriptive error messages. The final major release of BASIC-80 was version 5.