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As of May 2009, there were more stations in the world on the air with HD Radio technology than any other digital radio technology. United States are broadcasting with this technology, and more than 1,000 HD2 and HD3 multicast channels are on the air. This makes adoption outside the United States problematic. The FCC has not indicated any intent to force off analog radio broadcasts as it has with analog television broadcasts, as it would not result in the recovery of any radio spectrum rights which could be sold. HD Radio receiver will revert to the analog signal, thereby providing seamless operation between the newer and older transmission methods. An example of information displayed by an AM HD station locking.

The digital radio signal received on a conventional AM receiver tuned to an adjacent channel sounds like a large waterfall or similar white noise-like hiss, as can be heard in the audio soundclip referenced in the previous sentence. This requires a significant delay being added to the analog service. Current FCC rules require that one channel be a simulcast of the analog signal. Although the signals may be synchronized at the transmitter and reach the receiving equipment simultaneously, what the listener hears through an HD unit and an analog radio played together can be distinctly unsynchronized.

This is because all analog receivers process analog signals faster than HD radios can process digital signals. The digital processing of analog signals in an HD radio delays them also. Stations can transmit HD Radio through their existing antennas using a diplexer as on AM, or are permitted by the FCC to use a separate antenna at the same location, or at a site licensed as an analog auxiliary, provided it is within a certain distance and height referenced to the analog main signal. 2017 VW Golf entertainment system displaying song metadata including Artist Experience from San Diego’s KGB-FM. HD Radio supports a service called Artist Experience in which the transmission of album art, logos and other artwork can be displayed on the radio. Album art and logos are displayed at the station’s discretion and require extra equipment. Since 2016, newer HD radios support Bluetooth and EAS alerts in which the transmission of traffic, weather, AMBER and security alerts can be displayed on the radio.

As with Artist Experience, emergency alerts are displayed at the station’s discretion and requires extra equipment. FM stations typically require up to 280 kilohertz of spectrum when carrying a stereo transmission. On January 29, 2010, the U. That station is then subdivided into multiple digital streams of between 9 and 12 programs. DAB have a lower sound quality than FM does under similar conditions. Many DAB stations also broadcast in mono. For AM stations DRM offers a growth path for broadcasters.