What is a multimedia presentation

With the help of self-created background and self-made button images, it is left to you as the designer to determine just how the graphic design of your interface will look. Once the CD has been inserted into the drive, the intro presentation starts as a trailer. The CD menu application is launched what is a multimedia presentation this trailer has finished. The Player application does not need to be installed and be started from the CD.

It can also be used on a royalty-free basis on CD and DVD. Use it to create photo slide shows, catalogs, brochures, e-books and product and business presentations. Given that you can design your own Player background and control elements, you are free to create any design you want for your Player. Use the Compiler to create a corporate image for your player including your own logo, slogan and company name in your own font and colors. All the programs are compatible and have been optimized for use on CD and DVD.

You can purchase all three programs, however, at a reduced bundle price. The term multimedia presentation is used to describe the content and works created from the following digital media formats: Text, photographic images, graphics, animations, audio and video. Presentation is used to describe the act of presenting information in a public setting – exhibition, speech, lecture, report, explanation or promotion. Multimedia presentations are often used for promoting companies, products or projects and are copied and distributed on CD ROM or DVD ROM. CD ROM is the abbreviation for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. A CD-ROM is used to permanently store data. After audio CDs, it is the next most common application of the compact disc.

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A DVD is a digital form of storing data that looks very similar to a CD, but which can store substantially more data and can be used for more purposes. It belongs to the optical disk memory family. A menu provides an interactive way of using computer programs with a graphic user interface. It makes it possible to choose and activate a particular action from a list of possible actions without having to know or use the exact command strings in text form or keyboard shortcuts.

An autorun menu is a special kind of menu that is used for CD ROMs or DVD ROMs on computers running the Windows operating system. When a CD is inserted into the CD ROM drive on a Windows Computer, a program is started automatically. A multimedia presentation is one of the most common uses. The Multimedia Discovery Mission Demos are a series of 14 interactive multimedia presentations and learning activities that address topics ranging from Chemosynthesis and Hydrothermal Vent Life and Deep-sea Benthos to Food, Water and Medicine from the Sea. An average of 2,000 strong earthquakes and large volcanic eruptions occur every year all around the world. Throughout history, people have been all too familiar with the deadly power and seemingly unpredictable nature of these events.

But in the last few decades, scientists have been able to track these geologic activities, and they have discovered that their occurrence is, in fact, quite orderly. Both earthquakes and volcanoes are largely restricted to narrow, overlapping zones. NOAA’s Submarine Ring of Fire Expeditions have helped illuminate the dynamic forces at work along mid-ocean ridges. The nearly continuous, global mid-ocean ridge system snakes across the Earth’s surface like the seam on a baseball. It is clearly visible on this map of global topography above and below sea level. Coral reefs are vibrant ecosystems teeming with color and life. Most grow in the warm sunlit waters of tropical seas.

Beautiful and accessible, shallow water corals are beloved by the public and well known to scientists. In contrast, deep-sea corals are generally unknown and unappreciated. Living in the icy darkness of the abyss, these creatures are difficult and expensive to study. Where tectonic plates collide, enormous geologic forces are unleashed.