What programmatic means

Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. A convergence of three high-tech trends — precise ad analytics, programmatic audience-buying tools, and the stickiness of social apps — means social media is becoming one of the major ad platforms of the future. Social will grow faster than all other offline ad mediums, and faster than traditional digital formats, like desktop display ads and search what programmatic means. Social-media advertising spend will grow rapidly through 2018.

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Social media ad spend has reached the mobile-tipping point. Spending on mobile social-media ads, including mobile app-install ads, will surpass non-mobile spend by the end of this year in the US. Mobile app-install ads and programmatic buying are also growth drivers. Analyses suggest that mobile app-install ads could account for anywhere from one-quarter to more than one-half of Facebook’s mobile ad revenues. Social programmatic ad platforms are also growth engines. 2014, based on a sample of advertisers compiled by Ignition One.

Prices are increasing as performance and targeting improve, even as ad loads stay steady on the established platforms. Facebook, for example, is not likely to increase the amount of in-feed native ads an average user will see. The market is expanding with the introduction of paid ad units at Pinterest and Instagram. Tracks trends in price, click-throughs, conversions and paid vs. Interested in getting the full report?