Where is utility on mac

Network Utility is a great tool that has been where is utility on mac on the Mac since the very first version of OS X. Apple saw it fit to relocate the Network Utility app from its longstanding home to a new location within a system folder, making it a bit harder to access if you’re looking through the file system.

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Don’t worry, there are still super-simple ways to access Network Utility onward from Mavericks and Yosemite though, and that’s what we’ll cover. Launch Network Utility with Spotlight If you don’t want aliases sitting around in the Applications folder, and don’t want the app to sit in your Dock all the time, then the easiest way to launch Network Utility directly is through Spotlight. This is my preferred method but I’m a huge fan of using Spotlight as an application launcher in general. This launches directly into Network Utility, but because you have to open another app to get there, it’s probably not the quickest method compared to Spotlight, placing it in the Dock, or using an alias. Have any tip ideas or something you’d like us to look into?

And what is supposed to show if the ping is successful? Obviously, something is wrong, yet I am able to connect to the www using Safari. Grand — more user-unfriendly shenanigans from Apple. Why make any activity more sophisticated than checking your email so irritating?