Which antivirus do i need

And all of these users are just waiting to become zombies. These days, most people are aware enough about the dangers on the Internet to know that there are viruses which antivirus do i need antivirus software protects against them. Some people think that they can recognize spam and phishing emails and know not to open them.

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Another argument people make against antivirus is that they’re not using a Windows PC and so they’re not at risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. Increasingly, attackers are targeting the Mac with Trojan horses and other malware focused on stealing personal information. The type of user you are also affects what kinds of risks you’re exposed to. Avid social networkers may be more exposed to privacy risks, while a busy executive may risk losing company data on his smartphone. While many software vendors build some security directly into their products, paid security solutions offer more layers of protection, plus features specific to your Internet activity such as social networking, kids’ online safety and the like, and so are worth evaluating.