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Enter the characters which company power bank is best in india see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. 19th-century English and British trading company. Coat of arms of the East India Company.

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British East India Company and informally as John Company, was an English and later British joint-stock company. The company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31 December 1600, coming relatively late to trade in the Indies. During its first century of operation, the focus of the company was trade, not the building of an empire in India. Despite frequent government intervention, the company had recurring problems with its finances. It was dissolved in 1874 as a result of the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act passed one year earlier, as the Government of India Act had by then rendered it vestigial, powerless, and obsolete. Soon after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, the captured Spanish and Portuguese ships with their cargoes enabled English voyagers to potentially travel the globe in search of riches.

Equally valuable was the ship’s rutter containing vital information on the China, India, and Japan trades. These riches aroused the English to engage in this opulent commerce. In 1596, three more English ships sailed east but were all lost at sea. The governance of the company was in the hands of one governor and 24 directors or “committees”, who made up the Court of Directors. They, in turn, reported to the Court of Proprietors, which appointed them. Ten committees reported to the Court of Directors.