Which portable air conditioner is best

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We’ve broken down important shopping considerations to help you choose the best unit for your home. In the ambient heat of summer, nothing beats walking inside to a blast of chilled air. But while air conditioning provides a welcome relief from high temperatures, central air or even window units aren’t always an option. As the name implies, portable air conditioners are movable units—in the sense that they’re not permanent, not that they’re particularly easy to carry from room to room—that blow cold air into an interior space. Standing at a couple feet tall, the entire unit sits inside the home and transfer heat outside through a window via an exhaust hose.

COOLING CONSIDERATIONSWhen choosing a portable air conditioner, aside from cost, consider these important factors above all else. Homeowners should first decide whether to buy a single-hose model or a dual-hose model. A single-hose unit pulls warm air from the space around it, cools it down, and disposes of heat and moisture through the singular hose that leads outside. On the other hand, dual-hose units have both an intake and outtake hose. The intake hose draws outdoor air to bring down the temperature of the condenser.