Which programmer to use for esp8266

About: I am a Which programmer to use for esp8266 and telecom graduate engineer and an enthusiastic embedded student with experience in latest technology and also an video and project documentation on the side. There are two ways the esp8266 can be used . 3 v for working properly . If you are using esp8266 with arduino, try not to provide power from arduino .

As arduino maximum current providing capacity is 40mA while esp8266 draws 250mA. For beginners its advised to go with node mcu board’s available in market . Ldr sensor and other with just breakout pins . This board has built in voltage regulator that handles the proper power. Go to this this link below to find firmware files. This is the best way for flashing the esp01 buy this module and get free from messy wires in future . Its very handy and very quick .

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Note:The module do not enter the programming board directly . For this you need to solder the jumper on it . Please refer the photo for this . The jumper is solder between gpio 0 and gnd pin.

With this module you can separately give 5v to arduino and 3. 3 v to esp8266 at the same time . This is the beauty of this module . Esp rx pin also need 3. If you try to put arduino tx to esp rx .

The esp module can get damage . To prevent this from happening you can do two things . 20k and 10k resistor to achive this . I used Arduino instead of cp2102 module, and I had no issue in communication. The connection will remain mostly same for esp8266-12 to run it in flash mode. Upload the blank program on arduino if using.