Why can’t i uninstall apple software update

First up we’ll cover the traditional method of just deleting the application. How to Uninstall Applications in Mac OS X the Classic Way This is the same classic method of uninstalling a why can’t i uninstall apple software update app that has been around since the dawn of the Mac.

Snow Leopard as well, going back to the earliest releases of Mac OS. Uninstalling Apps from the Mac App Store through Launchpad Despite the already incredibly simple app uninstall process on a Mac, Lion and Mountain Lion onward makes it even easier by taking the iOS method. 8, and newer does not require you to empty the Trash afterwards, it’s all handled immediately. This is yet another reason that upgrading to Lion is compelling, it makes the Mac experience even simpler while still retaining the full power and potential behind Mac OS X. Preferences Some applications will also leave behind some preference files and caches, generally these don’t harm anything to leave around, but if you want to delete them it’s just a matter of locating the apps support files and removing those as well.

Sometimes you will need to look for the developer name rather than the application name, since not all app files are identified by their name. Again, these generally don’t do any harm to leave be, but they can take up some hard drive space, so users with smaller SSD’s might want to be pay more attention to the cache and support files that some applications generate. The biggest offender here is Steam, where if you play a lot of games it tends to gather a very large Application Support folder. Note about applications that include separate uninstaller utilities This is somewhat rare on a Mac, but some applications include their own uninstaller apps to remove all traces of an application. These are typically from Adobe or Microsoft because some of those applications will install more apps that aid the program, or place library files and associated application dependencies elsewhere in OS X. So in Lion when uninstalling a app as described above it still does’nt uninstall the junk it installs or does it? I’d like to know this about Lion too.

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In Lion when you can either bring up Mission Control which lets you uninstall like iOS or you can drag the files to your trash bin and it will ask if you would like it to find and delete the extra files. Mac app by moving it to the Trash and deleting it, that uninstalls the app. It is that simple, it doesn’t matter what version of Mac OS is running, X or not. The Mac apps you want to uninstall that come from installer apps almost always include a dedicated uninstaller application with the original installer, you can use that, or follow the instructions outlined in the article you just read to access the associated library folders, cache folders, etc, for each app you want to uninstall from the Mac. It’s not complicated, you can do either way. Wow, the more I read articles about how cool Mac is, the more I am worried that you want to make people Apple drones. Unsinstalling an app means erasing everything.

This is the same method that has been around since the dawn of the Mac. How many articles and forums have you read where it si so difficult to find that junk apps leave behind? Does Apple give you stuff to say the rubbish in this article? Uninstalling means not having to fish for those files. Now that Apple have hidden the home library, how do people find those files you are talking about? Where is your name to the article? State who you are, so the next time you publish something, readers will know you are an ill-educated bunk.