Why is my portable air conditioner leaking water

To my cheap Landlord who lets the Energy Co. It was 107degres yesterday and our Central Air unit was off for over 8 hours. It was wonderful to have my unit still as a handy backup! I’m kind of confused as why is my portable air conditioner leaking water why so many people have needed replacement parts.

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My husband and I received this AC from my parents. My parents ran it for at least five years now. The tube does get really warm but it doesn’t effect the cooling. We dump the water every morning and night. Product worked great and created enough white noise so that I could sleep through the day and not have every little noise wake me up.

Over the last year both sump pumps have stopped working and it led to putting the unit up on a crate to make drainage easier. Having trouble finding the sump pump on-line. You can purchase it from china directly if you buy 500 units. You can also buy it if you live in Europe from a store in the UK but when you try to register it doesn’t give the option for the USA so that tells me they don’t ship here.

I got this unit from a friend who said it worked well. She had it probably a year before she gave it to me. I can’t seem to get it to do anything but blow room temp. 2 years old, plugged it in yesterday,na baby na. I should at least get some money back shouldnt I or should I say we?